A human being doesn’t/can’t control his/her feelings. Feelings can make you do THE stupid shit in your life. You’ll probably regret for the rest of your life. The person you have feelings for can feel the same way but you’ll never know if you don’t risk anything. It’s better to risk something when you know at least a little bit thoe.


    Trust for me, is something extremely important. It’s probably easy to get it, only if I feel like you’re the right person, well I could be wrong. Once you get it, you should do your max to try to keep it because once you lose it, you’re dead to me and you’ll never get it back.

    The Art Of Talking Shit Part II

    A couple of years ago, this one girl came in the school, thinking she could run shit really fast and really easy. But some people proved her wrong. That person seemed like a little angel to me but I guess I was completely wrong. Once again, I know a lot about that person, it would be really easy for me to expose him/her. I feel bad for that person cause no one really likes him/her. Like 1st of all, if you’re dumbass keep your shit down, don’t try to act bright. 2nd I don’t know why you’re looking for attention, you ain’t getting none. 3rd, your family is struggling with money but you act like you’re rich.
    “People should never compare themselves with someone else. “
    Once again, that person was talking shit about me with my friend. Like I wanna make it clear, THATS THE DUMBEST THING YOU CAN EVER DO. Like if you wanna talk shit, make sure that person doesn’t talk to me.

    Right now, you are dead to me, you can do whatever you wanna do. But don’t FUXKING ask me for help lol, cause I’ll never be there. I usually always keep my promises but I’m sorry.

    Lets get naked and play video games together.

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